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Provides worldwide medical training courses for medical professionals, wilderness medics and for individuals that are tasked with providing advanced medical cover for remote locations. Our courses are accredited by the Wilderness Medical Society for CME and can lead to a FAWM fellowship qualification.
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Expedition & Wilderness Medicine Pty Ltd ABN 42 162 094 724.  The home of wilderness and remote medicine for medical professionals

Expedition & Wilderness Medicine Pty Ltd (Australia)

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Expedition & Wilderness Medicine is a global leader in the provision of high quality Expedition, Wilderness and Remote Medicine training courses and has been delivering accredited courses for over 10yrs.  Now with the launch of Expedition & Wilderness Medicine (Australia) Pty Ltd we are delighted to be able to offer the same high quality courses to Australian medics in Australia

Expedition & Wilderness Medicine Courses 

Expedition & Wilderness Medicine provides high quality accredited training programmes for medics wishing to work in remote environments.  We can be the vehicle to allow you to become a valuable expedition, wilderness, high altitude, polar, diving, jungle or desert medicine practitioner.  Our training courses are suitable for expedition doctors, paramedics, nurses, wilderness EMTs, first responders and individuals providing medical cover in remote or inhospitable environments.  As an organisation we are constantly approached with a variety of remote medicines post with a number of reputable organisations giving priority to Expedition & Wilderness Medicine course delegates.

Our Expedition & Wilderness Medicine training courses represent the gold standard in expedition medicine training.  Participants that enrol in our courses can expect to cover the essential skills required to be an invaluable member of an expedition team; equipping them to work remotely in a number of different environments.  The Expedition & Wilderness Medicine course is a residential course that runs over 4 days and has nearly 30 hours of lectures ranging from the academic to real life examples.  There is a very strong emphasis on application of acquired skills as participants will be guided through practical scenarios that are run by our highly experienced faculty.

We also run a series of unique environment specific medical training courses. These hands-on practical courses are designed to train you in the essential wilderness skills that are required to function as a expedition medic in these remote and often harsh environments.  These courses are generally run over 7 days or longer and we have currently have courses scheduled to run in Argentina, Costa Rica, Indonesia, the Maldives, Namibia, Nepal and New Zealand.

Expedition & Wilderness Medicine Course Accreditation.   

Our Australian Expedition and Wilderness training course has been approved by the ACRRM and RACGP QI&CPD Program.

World Extreme Medicine Conference

In addition to the extensive training programmes Expedition and Wilderness Medicine also host the World Extreme Medicine Conference.

The inaugural World Extreme Medicine Conference and EXPO took place at the Royal Society of Medicine in London in 2012 and was a huge success with over 400 delegates attending. The 2014 conference was hosted by Harvard Medical School and proved to an equally successful event.

Expedition & Wilderness Medicine Faculty

We are able to call on a skilled teaching faculty who have led major expeditions on all of the world's continents and most of its major high points; commanded Special Forces regiments and provided medical care on the side of Everest and on its summit.  Expedition & Wilderness Medicine's collective expedition experience is unparalleled.

Expedition & Wilderness Medicine Network

Through our weekly newsletter and constantly updated blog, Facebook group and job section of our website we connect you to the world of expedition and wilderness medicine.

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