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About Expedition & Wilderness Medicine

Expedition and Wilderness Medicine Training Courses for Expedition Medical Professionals

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Expedition medicine is a rapidly evolving field of medicine that involves the provision of often vital pre-hospital emergency care in remote or inhospitable environments.

Expedition & Wilderness Medicine is a global leader in the provision of high quality expedition, wilderness and remote medicine training courses and has been delivering accredited courses for over 10yrs. 

The Expedition & Wilderness Medicine courses combine the latest expert medial opinion with hands-on practical experience to prepare aspiring and experienced expedition staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to become confident and valuable members of any expedition or remote medical team.

Expedition & Wilderness Medicine Teaching Faculty

The quality of our courses is underpinned by the strength of our teaching faculty who are selected not only for their academic qualifications and expedition experience but also for their ability to convey their passion, enthusiasm and knowledge in an engaging and compelling manner.

Who are the courses suitable for?

You do not need an advanced medical degree to participate in one of our Expedition & Wilderness Medicine courses but the level of medical and practical training provided is pitched at participants with a strong medical background and a strong interest in wilderness and remote medicine. Courses are suitable for doctors, medical students, wilderness EMTs, first responders, nurses and individuals providing medical cover in remote or inhospitable environments.

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About Expedition Medicine


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