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Media and Film Crew, Television and Film Expedition Medical Support provided by Expedition Medicine Ltd

Film Crew Expedition Medical Support - Medics and Equipment

Expedition and Wilderness Medicine training courses accredited by the Wilderness Medicine Society

At Expedition & Wilderness Medicine we are aware that TV projects are getting more adventurous and travelling to more remote environments. In these circumstances it is vitally important to have a qualified doctor or medical professional on site should the unexpected happen. Many locations do not have first world medical facilities and an Expedition & Wilderness Medicine remote medic equipped with the latest mobile medical kit and satellite communication can provide the peace of mind to allow you to focus on the production of your project. 

We can provide full medical cover for production teams and celebrities on your television or photographic project worldwide. We have an impressive portfolio of experienced medical professionals on our books, many of whom have media experience both on and off camera. Using Expedition and Wilderness Medicine to provide your medical cover resolves some of the most important logistical and safety considerations of foreign travel in remote environments.   Through our ties with Across the Divide Expeditions we are also able to assist in the provision of outdoor specialists and logistical support in the world's most remote locations.

"Behind every challenge and adventure is a logistics team that work tirelessly behind the scenes. Expedition & Wilderness Medicine provide the support and logistics that ensured a safe and successful adventure. They organised the event in record time without compromising safety or quality.

Quite simply, we couldn't have done it without them".
   Ben Fogle

Media and Film Logistics Training Day ( to be repeated soon)

Medical Training for Production Companies in Remote Environments 

Royal Geographical Society 

This is a training seminar, limited to 25 places, for people involved in filming abroad in locations where medical cover is not close at hand. It will highlight the biggest risks and you will learn how to administer  immediate care and the importance of including the medical provision in your planning. 

Interested? Contact Catherine at admin@expeditionmedicine.co.uk

We also provide other expedition equipment, preparation and back up services such as:

  • Expedition Leader
  • Casualty Evacuation Plan 
  • Risk Assessment 
  • Pre-expedition medical advice for all crew 
  • Satellite phone 
  • Radios 
  • Medical kit including fluids and drugs 
  • Gamov Bag 
  • 24-hour phone medical cover

A Selection of Our Customers


We Can Provide

Fully qualified and experienced doctor Available for pre-expedition planning meetings and briefings
Expedition Leader As above
Wilderness Medical Kit Rented on a weekly basis, including fluids and drugs (only to be supplied with an EML doctor)
Risk Assessments Pre-expedition medical advice for all crew
Satellite phone Rented on a weekly basis/call time charged as extra
Casualty Evacuation Plan  
Radios Rented on a weekly basis
Gamov Bag Rented on a weekly basis
24 hour medical help line  


Please be aware that this structure can be adapted to suit the needs of your project since no two expeditions or remote locations are alike. We work with you to define your needs and recruit the appropriate medical professional. 

'I'd just like to say thank you for all your help - I've had lots of applicants through Expedition Medicine from all over the world, so that's been really great. For your information, as of late Wednesday afternoon we have found our medic, so I no longer require our ad to be 'out there' so to speak!" ... "We would definitely consider using Expedition Medicine in the future, if a suitable role comes up" C.M | ASSISTANT PRODUCER | BBC NATURAL HISTORY UNIT 

Satellite Driven 'Reach-back' Facility

Expedition & Wilderness Medicine are in the position to offer a SATELLITE driven 'reach-back' facility to UK based doctors. We are able to provide medical advice to clients in the field on all medical issues from primary care, tropical diseases and through to emergency medical conditions. 

We can act as your specialist medical back up; supporting and empowering you to effectively deliver medical services in remote or hostile environments. 

Access to this facility is just a phone call or satellite communication away. 

We can provide 

  • The capability to communicate via BGAN or Irridium satellite communications directly with the UK accessing real-time advice on dealing with the most demanding medical situations 
  • We can provide the equiptment and the expertise for you to feel confident and comfortable in any hostile or remote location. 

More Information

Contact us on admin@expeditionmedicine.co.uk

All of Expedition & Wilderness Medicine's doctors carry medical indemnity underwritten by UK based companies.  Part of the conditions of contract with Expedition & Wilderness Medicine specifies that in the event of a medical negligence claim, all parties agree to disputes being settled under British Law, in British Courts.


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