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Some of the Expedition & Wilderness Medicine Courses are approved for accreditation by the Wilderness Medical Society (WMS) for the Academy of Wilderness Medicine Fellowship Program (FAWM). For more information visit: wms.org/fawm

What is the FAWM?
The Fellowship in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine is designed for individuals who want to be acknowledged for their professional achievement in Wilderness Medicine, and wish to validate their training for their patients and clients.

Society members enrol in the Academy and, by completing Expedition and Wilderness Medicine courses, receive credit for specific, identifiable experience, accumulating credit toward becoming a Fellow. Any current member of the Wilderness Medical Society who successfully completes the requirements will have the distinction of being a registered member of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine and entitled to use the designation Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine (FAWM) and may reference it on resumes, business cards, and advertisements.

The Academy maintains a demanding set of requirements that validates each member’s qualifications in wilderness medicine. Candidates for the Academy participate in Expedition and Wilderness Medicine Courses and receive credit for the topics covered. When candidates fulfil the requirements of the Core Curriculum and demonstrate other required experience in Wilderness Medicine, they qualify to be reviewed to become members of the Academy with the designation “Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine.”

The Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum is a comprehensive list of topics in wilderness medicine divided into 12 categories. Each topic is assigned the number of hours of training required to satisfy that topic. Candidates fulfil the requirements of the Core Curriculum by participating in eligible events. Most eligible events will include more than one topic and credit, and may have a required hands-on component. WMS course brochures will numerically identify all topics so that candidates may select course offerings according to their needs. Candidates who complete all the topics within a core curriculum category are eligible to receive a certificate of achievement. Candidates will be acknowledged for reaching milestones as they work to complete Academy requirements toward Fellowship recognition. The categories of the Core Curriculum are:

  • Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine
  • Tropical & Travel Medicine
  • High Altitude & Mountaineering Medicine
  • Expedition Medicine
  • Field Craft & Equipment
  • Rescue & Evacuation
  • Sports Medicine & Physiology
  • Preventive Medicine, Field Sanitation & Hygiene
  • General Environmental Medicine
  • Improvised & Alternative Medicine
  • Disaster & Humanitarian Assistance
  • Wilderness Emergencies & Trauma Management

Experience Report

Candidates complete an Experience Report that reflects their experience in the following six categories:

  • Board Certification & Conference Attendance
  • Publishing & Research
  • Volunteer Teaching
  • Public Service
  • Practice
  • Service to WMS

Candidates must qualify for 20–40 credits from the Experience Report.

Sub-discipline Options

In addition to the general registry, candidates will also receive a certificate of completion for choosing to complete additional hours in a wilderness medicine sub discipline. Currently the Academy recognizes four sub disciplines:

  • Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine
  • Tropical & Travel Medicine
  • High Altitude & Mountaineering Medicine
  • Expedition Medicine

"Can I receive credits for courses I took prior to becoming an Academy candidate?"
Yes. Candidates meeting initial criteria for registry may request that previously-completed educational events be applied toward registry credit. There is an additional $50.00 administrative fee associated with this service. To be eligible for credit, educational activities must meet the following criteria:

  • Be on the list of eligible activities located on the Academy Web site
  • Will have been conducted at an official WMS educational conference or other affiliated event
  • Must have been completed while a WMS member in good standing

To receive retroactive credit for eligible events, please submit photocopies of certificates for the activities. We will confirm these with WMS records.

Professional Conduct Statement 
Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine™ (FAWM) will uphold the WMS and AWM Code of Ethics (described below) with the obligation to advance the field of wilderness medicine and uphold its high standards, and to conform to principles of professional conduct. A Fellow of the Academy will:

  • Participate in activities that enhance the welfare of the member’s organization, clients, or profession
  • Participate in activities that fall within the scope of fiduciary, ethical, and legal obligations to their organizations and their clients
  • Effectively disclose all potential and actual conflicts of interest with the understanding that such disclosure does not preclude or imply ethical impropriety
  • Recognize individual boundaries of competence and remain forthcoming and truthful about professional experience and qualifications

Read More at wms.org/fawm

A list of the core curriculum topics, eligible activities, a copy of this brochure, updates, FAQs, and all other details about the Academy of Wilderness Medicine™ are located on the website: wms.org/fawm

Registrants will have completed an initial qualifying, credentialing, or vocational degree-producing programme in any recognized medical discipline or vocation or be a current student or resident of such a programme.

Registrants will have completed at least one year of professional practice in their medical vocation or discipline after completion of an initial qualifying program or school.

Fee Structure
There is a $225 Academy Application fee that covers five years of fellowship work. If at the end of the five year term the applicant has not completed the requirements to be awarded their Fellowship certificate, the WMS has the right to re-assess the progress of the applicant and determine the exact course of action to be followed.


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