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2 Medical Officers's need by Col John Blashford-Snell for his expedition to Peru 2014
18 October 2013

JBS is leading an expedition to support the Peruvian conservationists and to give aid to the indigenous communities. This is likely to be medical and dental treatment, the provision of reading glasses for older villagers and school books for the children. At the same time biological and engineering advice will be given to the park officials and volunteers will monitor the wildlife

The expedition is approved by the Scientific Exploration Society and will probably be 1-21 July 2014 and involve around 20 self funded volunteers. The expedition subscription is likely to be £2900 (approx AUD$4,900) per person excluding the international air fare. They will travel by vehicle and on foot and use pack horses and mules. He is especially keen to involve doctors, dentists, nurses, biologists and engineers who speak some Spanish. Persons to assist with the community aid are also being sought.

Email Anne Gilby at jbs@ses-explore.org or phone +44 (0) 1747 854456 for more details - they are particulary interested in hearing from candidates from 'Expedition & Wilderness Medicine' so please do mention our name.

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