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Subansiri River Expedition 2014 - Message from Colonel John Blashford-Snell
09 January 2014


Few have travelled the length of the Subansiri river gorge which tumbles out of the Himalayas through the tribal Arunachal Pradesh state in North Eastern India. For 17 days in November 2014 I am leading an expedition to raft down this stunning and bio diverse gorge and meet with its Minyong Adi tribal community. 

The team of 12 will explore the river banks and forests, carrying out a wildlife and river ecology study along with experts on the river and there will be ample opportunity to fish for Golden Mahseer. 

The group will also conduct a study of the herbal medicine used by the local people, documenting specific plants and their medicinal qualities. Camping on sand bars each night, this hidden gorge requires 150 kms of challenging and exciting rafting through a remote wilderness in a fast disappearing world. We are seeking a doctor interested in this area, ready to paddle a whitewater raft and able to swim!

For details please contact Colonel John Blashford-Snell, Tel: 01747 854456, email jbs@ses-explore.org.

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